Andre Meat Production Co.

In 1937, Mr. Andrias  Aharonian has inaugurated the first new restaurant in Valiasr street in Tehran, which name was Andre. This restaurant made a new season in Iran to advent todays resturants by presenting different types of fast foods and sandwiches.

According to people’ unrivaled welcome, ‘Andre’ decided to start-up its own homemade workshop for supplying raw material of restaurant especially sausages. The growing trend of urbanity and population increase, forced ‘Andre’ founders to establish a modern factory regard to sanitary rules and produce sausages with ‘Andre’ brand in kamalshahr in Karaj. This factory could figure out its brilliant record by strong will and admirable diligence.

Andre Meat Production Co. is honored to achieve the topmost and best quality in meat production, by using of the best specialists of food industry under supervision of standard and industrial research organization of Iran, supervisory and control board of food and medicine assistant of ministry of health, treatment and medical education, veterinary organization of the country and also unrivaled try in this way. Nowadays it is spending its ever increasing and transcendental process by most of 60 types of different products.

Some of certificates:

  • The first receiver of standard badge in meat products.
  • Receiving R and D License of industrial ministry in 1993.
  • ISO 10002 certificate
  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • ISO 22000 certificate

Andre group with conviction to create general satisfaction, declares its mission as follows:

Our mission:

Production and supplying healthy and qualified foods and creating innovative value in response to customer’ needs.

Andre Meat Production Co. is honored to serve dear countrymans by experienced and inclusive distribution organization in Tehran and active agents in provincial centers.