Where to Buy?

You can purchase Andre products from over the hundred branches and representative stores, all over Iran. Online purchases are also available for your comfort.


Juicy and delicious burgers, one of the world most desirable foods, are produced by Andre, in numerous flavours and meat percentage.

Cold cut

Popular, diverse and delicious. You can see here, plenty of cold cuts and jambon produced from the highest-quality raw materials, including beef, chicken, turkey, and even vegetable, suitable for vegetarians.

Sausage and Hot Dog

Superior selection of beef and vegetarian sausage and hotdog products available in a range of flavours, sizes, and raw ingredients to fit every preference and cooking technique.

Processed Meat

Experts at Andre have mastered the method of seasoning and processing various types of meat with years of expertise, resulting in the creation of more than a dozen distinct tasty products.

Pre-cooked Fried Food

Crispy, flavourful and fresh, is the story of our fried products. Pre-cooked from the finest recipes and the freshest ingredients.